HRV-Scanner – available versions, features and prices

From HRV beginners to clinical trials – with us you will always find the right tool

In order to provide you with the right HRV system for your requirements, we offer the HRV-Scanner in various versions. All versions are compatible and use the same data pool. An upgrade is possible at any time. We offer our systems as complete sets (software + hardware + accessories) or “only software”. Compact or Professional differs in the number of manageable clients. Study includes a module to support scientific studies. “lite“, “standard” or “plus” differ in available tests, biofeedback functions and evaluation options.


How do I find the right version? In 3 steps to your HRV-Scanner:

Step 1: Complete set or only software?

If you don’t have any compatible ECG and want to perform HRV measurements or biofeedback then you need a complete set.

Do you already have a HRV-Scanner or a suitable hardware for HRV measurements or want a second license to be able to evaluate and review data? ⇒ Then an “only software” variant is ideal for you.

Step 2: What kind of measurements would you like to run?

Are you a beginner and would like to start with the basic HRV measurements (short-term HRV and Deep Breathing test) and HRV biofeedback? ⇒ Then the HRV scanner lite is the ideal offer for you.

If you want more advanced tests, such as the 24-hour long-term measurements in addition to the basic HRV measurements, then we recommend the HRV-Scanner standard.

Do you want to measure the breathing reliably and also perform the Valsalva maneuver? ⇒ In this case, you should choose the HRV scanner plus variant.


Step 3: How many clients do you want to manage?

Do you want to offer the HRV measurement and the HRV biofeedback in your office and you don’t have a lot of clients ? ⇒ Then the Compact version is the ideal offer for you. With 5 client storage spaces you can start without unnecessarily high investments

HRV measurements and HRV biofeedback are a focus of your daily work and you measure many clients? ⇒In this case you should go for the Professional version. Unlimited client storage space is at your disposal.

Do you also want to carry out HRV studies? ⇒With the additional study module in the Study version, the HRV-Scanner supports you in your scientific work.


HRV-Scanner standard Compact

Complete set including hardware
  • suitable for small practices that begin with HRV or have only few clients for HRV measurement or HRV biofeedback

HRV-Scanner plus Professional

Complete set including hardware
  • suitable for conducting studies with HRV measurement with 3-lead ECG, respiration sensor and valsalva maneuver

(all prices incl. 19% VAT)

When you purchase an HRV-Scanner, you receive an instruction and support from us. If you have any questions or problems, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Detailed overview of the versions

Storage space (clients)*5*5*5*unlimitedunlimitedunlimitedunlimitedunlimited
Study module------++
1-lead ECG++++++++
3-lead ECG--+--+-+
Pulse wave (ear clip)++++++++
Respiration sensor (belt)--+--+-+
Pressure sensor (Valsalva)--+--+-+
External sensors++++++++
Measurement types:
Deep Breathing test
Short-term HRV
Supine/Standing HRV -++-++++
Long-term HRV adjustable-++-++++
24-hour HRV-++-++++
Valsalva maneuvers--+--+-+
Multiple Import formats -++-++++
HRV Biofeedback
3D animated HRV Biofeedback++++++++
Online spectral analysis (realtime charts)++++++++
Rhythmization - Conformation of heart beat and respiration
Further features
Connection to myQiu internet plattform/cloud++++++++
Presentation and comparison of the measurements in the course++++++++
Client / therapist reports++++++++
Network capability, GDT connectivity-/+-/+-/++++++
Multilingual interface and reports++++++++
Support via TeamViewer1h1h1h2h2h2h2h2h
Support / Support for measurements via software export
Marketing material++++++++
Free Updates365 days365 days365 days365 days365 days365 days365 days365 days
System requirementsWindows PC
Windows Tablet
Windows PCWindows PCWindows PC
Windows Tablet
Windows PCWindows PCWindows PCWindows PC
HRV-Scanner lite incl.++++++++
Price complete set (incl. Hardware and accessories)
(Incl. 19% VAT)
Price only software
(Incl. 19% VAT)
* What does storage space mean? For each client, an unlimited number of measurements and biofeedback sessions can be carried out.In the Compact version the data of 5 clients can be managed parallelly. If you want to add a sixth client, either clear space in the database (delete a client and his or her measurements) or upgrade to a higher version (upgrades are possible at any time without reinstallation, please contact us).



HRV-Scanner software updates

The HRV-Scanner is constantly improved and further developed. The automatic online update system allows you to participate immediately when a new update is available. When purchasing an HRV-Scanner, 365 days of updates are included.

Wrist electrodes allow an easy ECG recording without the need that clients have to undress. Alternatively, adhesive electrodes can also be used.