Since 2000, BioSign has been developing innovative measurement and therapy systems for professionals and end-users in the area of autonomous nervous system. A well functioning neurovegetative regulation is the key to health and well-being. With our devices autonomic regulation becomes tangible for professionals and non-professionals.

  • Extended 24h analysis

    With the advanced 24h analysis, there are several new features available that allow an even more accurate assessment of the 24 hour HRV.

  • HRV-Scanner plus

    The influence of breathing plays an important role in assessing HRV. The HRV-Scanner plus is a further development of the existing HRV-Scanner hardware with an additional measurement option for breathing. In addition, a pressure sensor for the implementation of the Valsalva maneuver was integrated.

  • HRV-Scanner lite

    HRV-Scanner lite: Entry-point into the professional HRV measurement. During the development phase of the HRV-Scanner lite, we have particularly paid attention that the software is easy and intuitive to use on a tablet. Built-in tutorials make the software easy to use.

  • myQiu

    The HRV platform in the web.

  • Flexibility-Tone-Dynamics

    With the new Flexibility-Tone-Dynamics concept, BioSign brings order into the puzzling number of HRV parameters and analyzes. This provides for the first time an easily comprehensible and well-communicated explanation model of the complex processes around the neurovegetative Regulation.

  • The Qiu

    The Qiu combines HRV measurement and HRV biofeedback in a mobile device for the first time. In combination with the HRV-Scanner the Qiu offers new possibilities for diagnostics and treatment.

  • HRV-Scanner

    With the HRV-Scanner, BioSign brings one of the world’s most powerful HRV measuring stations to the European market.

  • Stress Pilot

    The Stress Pilot is created in cooperation with Biocomfort Diagnostics. It is the first HRV system in Europe to enable RSA measurement and HRV biofeedback for end users.

  • Stressball

    BioSign provides the RSA measurement (determination of respiratory sinus arrhythmia, DBT = deep breathing test) in the StressBall product for interested users of all disciplines. Thus, for the first time, a simple and inexpensive test option for the parasympathetic function is available worldwide.

  • fan

    BioSign, in cooperation with the company Schwarzer (Munich), is developing one of the first measuring system for neurovegetative functional diagnostics in the clinical sector.

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