HRV-Scanner – Study module

The HRV-Scanner provides a study module (Study Version) for users who want to work scientifically.

Append a new study

  • Each study will be managed seperately in The HRV-Scanner.
  • Complete backups of the whole study are possible
  • All measurements of a study can be analysed automatically

Define the study layout

  • A study can be structured into different visits, which makes it easy to allocate measurements properly.

  • A visit defines a point of time at which measurements should be carried out (e.g., screening, pre-application, application, control).

  • The visit-based structure eases the retrieval of measurements in the analysis.

Additional parameters within a study

  • Additional parameters can be defined within a study. These additional parameters will be included in the list of HRV parameters (for example, weight, laboratory parameters, …).
  • These parameters are defined as text fields and their values can be entered during measurements.
  • These additional parameters are also exported during an export and can be used further.

Study participants

  • The participants of a study are recruited from the subject database in the HRV-Scanner.
  • When designing the study layout, it is determined who will participate in this study (changes are possible at any time)

Study overview

  • Provides a list of the measurements carried out within the selected study.

  • You can sort the measurement list according to different criteria.



Export parameters

  • The calculated parameters can be exported in an adjusted sorting order.
  • In a second step, you can select which measurement types and which parameters should be exported.
  • An export list of all study parameters can be created, which can be imported quickly and effectively into external statistics programs.