HRV Monitoring

HRV parameters vary from measurement to measurement, similar to blood pressure values. That is why users who take their blood pressure measurements seriously measure their blood pressure daily and write the results in their logbook.

This is analogous to HRV-measurements. In the optimal case, the user measures daily his or her HRV by means of the Qiu. The Qiu is also a logbook and stores all measurements (In fact, every single heart beat will be stored inside the Qiu). In doing so, a valid and growing data base is created which allows a reliable assessment of the autonomic regulation. Ideal for documentation of effective lifestyle changes, successful rehabilitation and training control in sports.

HRV Monitoring - HRV-Scanner and Qiu

With the Qiu, HRV monitoring is particularly simple: Every Qiu exercise is simultaneously an HRV measurement that is stored in the Qiu. The HRV scanner can read, analyze and display these HRV data via USB or Internet. A professional HRV monitoring is easy with the combination of Qiu (client side) and HRV scanner (professional side).

Five steps to perfect HRV monitoring

1) Configure the Qiu optimally using the last RSA measurements

  • Assign a Qiu to a subject
  • Configuration of the breathing guide
  • Set the exercise difficulty
  • Set the exercise duration
  • Clear the measurement memory
  • Set the date / time in Qiu
  • Calculate the default value for the exercise difficulty from the last RSA measurements

HRV Monitoring - Qiu configuration

HRV Monitoring - Qiu exercise plan

2) Exercise plan

  • Set the exercise schedule according to the day of the week and the time of day
  • Modify the exercise plan if needed.
  • History of exercise plans

3) Users regularly practice with the Qiu and benefit from HRV Biofeedback

  • Scientifically tested and medically approved procedure
  • Successfully used in numerous medical indications
  • Proven in sports and coaching

HRV Monitoring - Qiu measurements

4) Read and manage the measurement data in the HRV-Scanner

  • With measurement calendar
  • Reading the Qiu measurements
  • Automatic evaluation
  • Automatic quality control
  • Detailed evaluation and postprocessing possible

5) Automatic analysis of HRV trends and compliance

  • Overview of exercise compliance
  • Overview of the success of the exercise with statistical evaluation
  • selectable period

HRV Monitoring - Qiu reports