HRV Measurement with the HRV-Scanner

The connection of various ECG and pulse waves based measuring devices via USB and wireless via Bluetooth is possible. The scope of delivery of the complete systems includes the HRV-Scanner hardware for measuring a 1-channel ECG and the pulse wave via USB.

Available types of HRV measurements

  • Deep-Breathing Test
  • 5 min. Short-Term HRV
  • Supine/Standing HRV
  • 24 hours HRV
  • Valsalva Maneuver
  • freely configurable measurement protocols
  • various import functions

Deep-Breathing Test

  • best parasympathetic functional testing
  • easy and fast (1 min.)
  • Age group comparison

5 min. Short-Term-HRV

  • Observation of the resting regulation
  • Age Group comparison
  • Comprehensive analyzes and reports


  • Test of parasympathetic and sympathetic
  • Age group comparison
  • Automatic blood pressure measurement (accessory)
  • Manual blood pressure measurement is possible

24 hours HRV

  • Identification of stress and times of strain
  • Day/Night comparison
  • Body position and activity
  • Lifestyle analysis


Free configurable measurement protocols

  • Recording time adjustable up to 24 hrs.
  • Recording of the pulse transit time  (PWV, PTT)
  • HRV evaluation separated by Phase
  • extensive export functions
  • suitable for experimental HRV measurement in science and research