A good heart rate variability is the expression of a working adaptability. Conversely, the risk of disease increases as the vegetative nervous system can no longer adequately adapt to external and internal stress.

The HRV-Scanner

– for your HRV concepts

The HRV-Scanner is one of the most powerful HRV systems in the world. It combines the standard tests of the neurovegetative function analysis (Deep Breathing Test, Short-term HRV, Supine/Standing HRV and 24 hours HRV measurement) and HRV biofeedback in one system. In connection with the Qiu and myQiu it also provides the basis for effective HRV monitoring – this creates new possibilities for efficient therapy, control of therapy and training as well as lifestyle interventions. The HRV-Scanner is available as a tablet-compatible entry-level version (HRV scanner lite) and with all features in the full version. Upgrades from “lite” to the full version are possible at any time.




HRV-Scanner und seine Anwendungsgebiete
The HRV scanner offers you many possibilities of HRV measurement, HRV biofeedback and HRV monitoring.

A professional HRV measurement should always be based on an ECG

Compared to a measurement using  pulse wave or a chest belt, the ECG may also detect cardiac arrhythmias (for example, life-threatening atrial fibrillation or extrasystoles). Movement artifacts and rhythm disturbances can be separated clearly. If only RR intervals from a chest belt are available, the user is not able to postpone measurements. The decision when a heart beat took place is left to the “black box” chest strap.

The HRV-Scanner derives the ECG from clamp electrodes at the wrists. This has the advantage that subjects do not have to undress. Alternatively, removal via adhesive electrodes is also possible.




The analysis of the breathing is essential for a correct interpretation of HRV

Respiration and HRV are inseparable. Respiratory-triggered fluctuations in heart rate, in particular, provide valuable information about the state of the autonomic nervous system (see for example, Expiration-Triggered Sinus Arrhythmia Predicts Outcome in Survivors of Acute Myocardial Infarction, Sinncker D et al., J Coll Coll Cardiol 2016 May 17 ; 67 (19): 2213-2220).

More info on HRV an Breathing

HRV findings can only be explained comprehensively if breathing is taken into account. For example, often short-term HRV measurements are found with large oscillations in the heart rate curve and high values ​​in flexibility and slow dynamics (high coefficient of variation, high SD2) but low value of fast dynamics (SD1). It is not necessarily a vagus weakness, but usually a slow breathing (<5 breaths / minute), which leads to a slow oscillation of the heart rate with low SD1.

Another example is test results with rather poor HRV values ​​in the short-term HRV but good results in the subsequent RSA measurement. This apparent discrepancy is often explained by a fast, shallow breathing in the resting measurement, which leads purely to physiological reasons to a low HRV. One finds such a breathing pattern often in stress and anxiety. Here, too, the analysis of the respiration helps to correctly classify the HRV findings and additionally receives valuable information on the current emotional situation.

Reliable differentiation of parasympathetic and sympathetic activity is possible only by considering respiration. Traditional quotients like the LF / HF quotient can not do that!

Therefore, all HRV-Scanner systems can also analyze respiration. The standard HRV-Scanners use the ECG signal (ECG Derived Respiration, EDR) to calculate the respiratory rate. The BioSign EDR method has been scientifically tested in two clinical trials. The studies show a good agreement of respiration from EDR with a mechanical reference system. The HRV-Scanner plus has its own mechanical breathing sensor for precise detection of respiration.

(* Note: HRV systems that do not measure ECG but only RR intervals do not allow reliable determination of respiration and are therefore incomplete in key aspects of HRV analysis.)

Doing Deep Breathing Test + Short-term HRV with the HRV-Scanner

– determine the current state of the vegetative nervous system in a few minutes

The Deep Breathing Test is the gold standard in the HRV function analysis. The subject breathes for a minute in a given tact. This purely parasympathetic function analysis shows the current capacity of the maximal parasympathetic regulation capability. The 5 Minute Short-term HRV reflects the actual condition of the neurovegetative nervous system. Both branches (sympathetic / parasympathetic) of the neurovegetative regulation are examined under resting condition. Only the combination of both measurements allows a differentiated and comprehensive view of the vegetativeum (VNS analysis). The HRV-Scanner also offers HRV monitoring and the 24-hour HRV measurement to provide a more accurate look at the regulation.


Deep Breathing Test  – the gold standard in the HRV function analysis


Mit dem HRV-Scanner ein Bild der neurovegetativen Regulation erstellen

Interpretation of HRV

“Make things as simple as possible, but not easier.” (Albert Einstein)

With the concept of flexibility, tonus and dynamics, the HRV-Scanner brings order to the extensive number of HRV parameters and VNS analyzes. Thus an age-corrected and easily comprehensible explanation model of the complex processes around the neurovegetative regulation is available. This saves time in communicating with clients and creates trust. In addition, all standard HRV parameters and HRV diagrams are available in the analysis.


Typical findings in the Deep Breathing Test (please click on the + at the right side)

Normal finding

Normal finding in a person with an average regulation.


High parasympathetic function

High parasympathetic function, normal finding in people with a healthy lifestyle and a very good physical condition.

Trained parasympathetic

Trained parasympathetic, competitive athlete. Characteristic features are a low heart rate (= high tone) coupled with a very high dynamic range. Flexibility mostly in the middle range, since the low mean heart rate limits the ability to swing towards even lower heart rates for physiological reasons.

Parasympathetic dysfunction

Parasympathetic dysfunction, common finding in cardiovascular diseases. In competitive sports it may indicate overtraining. Note: a low heart rate can also be caused by heart rate lowering drugs (for example beta blocker). This could mask a high sympathetic activity.

Pronounced parasympathetic dysfunction

Pronounced parasympathetic dysfunction in combination with contemporaneous high sympathetic activity, for instance caused by acute stress, infections and pain.

Typical finding in case of rhythm disorders

Typical finding in case of rhythm disorders , e.g. atrial fibrillation combined with high heart rate. Check Poincare-diagram for plausibility and sinus rhythm! If the latter is not present, the deep breathing test is not valid.

 The HRV-Scanner lite

– a beginner version for tablet and PC

HRV measurement, HRV biofeedback and connection to myQiu / Qiu provides the HRV beginner with everything he needs in the daily practice application. In the development phase of the HRV-Scanner lite, we have paid particular attention to practical and intuitive usability of the software on the tablet. Tutorials built into the program make the application easier to use.

When you purchase an HRV-Scanner, you will receive a personal training with TeamViewer. More info here .The license for using the HRV-Scanner lite software is included with the HRV-Scanner standard and HRV-Scanner plus. Information on the available versions and prices can be found here.

The HRV-Scanner plus

3-channel ECG, breathing sensor and Valsalva maneuver

The HRV-Scanner plus offers a 3-channel ECG, the measurement of breathing via a breathing sensor and a chest belt and the possibility of carrying out the Valsalva maneuver by measuring the air pressure via a pressure sensor. The device is certified according to the MPG.

When you purchase an HRV-Scanner, you will receive a personal training with TeamViewer. More info here .The license for using the HRV-Scanner lite software is included with the HRV-Scanner standard and HRV-Scanner plus. Information on the available versions and prices can be found here.


Benutzeroberfläche des HRV-Scanner lite

The HRV-Scanner standard

more extensive evaluation and measurement functions

Long-term measurements (up to 24 hours), supine/ standing tests, many import options (HR and RR lists, ECG raw data, Polar, Suunto, EDF, SRM recorder data, …).

When you purchase an HRV-Scanner, you will receive a personal training with TeamViewer. More info here .The license for using the HRV-Scanner lite software is included with the HRV-Scanner standard and HRV-Scanner plus. Information on the available versions and prices can be found here.

The HRV-Scanner shows my patients how sensitive and fast our cardio-vascular system reacts to psychological stress and how harmful excessive stress can be.

(Prof. Dr. Jordan is co-author of the book “Improve Your Health with the Qiu”)


Prof. Dr. J. Jordan

Psychocardiologist Bad Nauheim, Kerckhoff Klinik

I have used the HRV analysis daily since 10 years. BioSign has set standards here. They have open ears for the needs of physicians, therapists and coaches, and can quickly and easily implement change requests from practice.

I look forward to other milestones of BioSign’s HRV!

Punito Michael Aisenpreis

Coach / therapist Munich/Murnau, ACT Aisenpreis Coaching & Therapie

The HRV-Scanner has become an important part of my basic cardiological diagnosis. It reliably detects disturbances in the area of the vegetative nervous system (including stress) and helps in the risk assessment of cardiovascular patients.


Dr. Martin Laser

Cardiologist Nuremberg, Praxisgemeinschaft Innere am Stadtpark

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