Downloads – Qiu/myQiu

Download – Software

Download - myQiu Setup (Replaces installation CD, only required for new installation)
PDFNew myQiu software with access to the myQiu web platform and PC biofeedback.
Setup for Windows 7/8/10 latest setup myQiu software

Download – Software Updates

myQiu software updates Instructions for updating the myQiu software
PDFLatest Software update myQiu software
Note: Please do not extract ZIP archive. This is automatically done by the update program.

Download – Driver

PDFQiu Driver setup
Instructions for Qiu driver Setup
PDFLatest Qiu driver setup

Download – Service Tools

Team Viewer
PDFTeam Viewer Client
For service/support and carrying out remote maintenance

 Download – Documents

PDFManual myQiu PC Software (German only)
Anleitung myQiu PC-Software
PDFmyQiu - Terms of Service (German only)
myQiu - Terms of service (German only)
PDFQiu Manual
Qiu Manual
Qiu Folder
Qiu - Folder